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ISLAND STORES, Aringour, Isle of Coll

Island Stores - click to enlargeFor people coming to Coll. Why not send us your order in advance. We do a good selection of fruit and vegetables, bread, milk and all dried goods.
Our shop also has a selection of frozen veg and meats, fish and Ready Meals. At our off sales counter we stock a selection of Australian, French, Spanish, Californian and other wines. Also lagers, beer, cider and ales, whisky, rum, vodka and gin.
Our varied supply of sweets attracts those with a sweet tooth, children and adults alike.
Our chilled range includes meats, paté, cheese, cream, yoghurt, butter and marge. Chilled drinks are also available e.g. Coke, Iron bru etc.
Breakfast cereals range from cornflakes to Alpen, variety packs to oats, Frosties to Bran flakes.
We stock a number of household materials, bleach, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, polish and fire lighters also dishwasher tablets, washing tablets and powder, bio and non bio and hand.
For warm sunny days, our freezer has a range of ice-cream tubs and lollies, also cones with a selection of ice-creams.

Our fresh milk, bread, fruit and vegetables arrive twice a week, and our stock is collected once a week during the summer and fortnightly during the winter.

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